All our compounds are manufactured In-House. We use only the finest Raw Materials to ensure that our finished product comes out in the standards of perfection we expect.

Our EPDM is imported from reputed companies in USA and Germany.

Other Processing Chemicals are sourced only from ISO Certified Companies in India.

It is this attention to detail of Raw Material that ensures our products meet the required specifications.

Tool and Die

Our highly experienced design team is capable of designing any profile between 1mm and 140mm as per your requirement. We are industry leaders in speciality profiles Such as pre-cuts, notched, punched, perforated, and corded profiles.

All Dies are developed in-house. This ensures short turn around time, from when we receive your sample, to when we dispatch our counter-sample.

Since all dies are developed in-house, we ensure complete confidentiality, and we insist on signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your organization to guarantee confidence.


Our production team has over 25 years of International Experience in EPDM extrusion and are trained to follow only the Highest-Quality Standards in manufacturing.

We implement a cross-functional team approach during production, consisting of the Die Designer, Compounding Manager, Production Manager, and Sales Representative; to ensure that Customer Specific Requirements are met during production.

AviGiri is equipped with 3 State of the Art Extrusion Lines:

Microwave Cured Profiles have superior surface finish and physical properties. They are ideal for use in any application where the profiles are exposed to UV Radiation and other Ozone Elements. These profiles have excellent temperature resistance (between -40 to +120 Celsius). These profiles are capable of achieving a Tensile Strength of 13.5 MPa, with Elongation of upto 390 %.
Our Co-extruder Line is capable of producing Dual Shore Hardness Profiles. By extruding Solid EPDM and Sponge EPDM simultaneously, the profiles provide excellent thermal and sound insulation in facades and window applications. We are also capable of producing Metal-Inserted profiles, which provide reinforcement to the profile when necessary.
The Salt Bath process is primarily suited for Peroxide-Cured Compounds (Sulphur-Free Profiles). Peroxide-Cured Compounds have improved heat stability, ageing properties, and compression set compared to Sulphur-Cured Profiles. These profiles are compatible with Structural Silicon Sealants, and prevents discolouration or loss in bonding when in contact with the cross-linked product. Through this line, we are also able to achieve excellent surface finish, especially when aesthetics of the profiles are of utmost importance.